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Highlights of 65th Macau Grand Prix

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Highlights of 65th Macau Grand Prix

BBIN continues to be Theodore Racing/Prema’s global partner in 2018. This season, BBIN has supported Theodore Racing/Prema in attaining stunning results, including winning both the FIA Formula 3 European Championship and the Italian Formula 4 Championship. For the most spectacular race of the year, FIA Formula 3 World Cup Macau, Theodore Racing/Prema sent its super team which had won the European Championship. Mick Schumacher, the world-ranking No. 1 driver and the son of the legendary Formula One world champion, led four other drivers onto the racing tracks to win the champion title. They were Robert Shwartzman, the young world-ranking No. 3 driver, Zhou Guan-Yu, the Chinese driver from the Ferrari Driver Academy, Marcus Armstrong, and Ralf Aron.

Before the big race, BBIN and Theodore Racing/Prema held a meet-and-greet event in Macau for youths to interact with the drivers. The reunion of the world's top FIA F3 super team attracted major media coverage from Hong Kong, Macau, and China. The drivers shared with youths their experiences of Formula Racing training, anticipation for the world's most difficult street race, and gratitude to BBIN’s long-term support. The drivers hoped to inspire youths with their own fighting stories. The event turned out to be crowded and lively as the drivers gave out photos with their signatures and exquisite gifts to those who attended.

The five Theodore Racing/Prema drivers showed their great skills and teamwork during the four-day racing event. They moved up steadily through the trial races with Mick in the sixth position and the others all in top ten. Zhou Guan-Yu, who was in the fifth position, unfortunately lost control and crashed into the wall in the final lap, losing the great standing he held. Despite not getting into the top three positions, the drivers still received significant attention from the media and were interviewed numerous times. In the championship race, the team was interfered by several yellow flags and red flags from accidents. However, Schumacher and Aron stepped up in the final race and epically beat Jüri Vips, securing the fifth and sixth positions. The two young drivers, Armstrong and Shwartzman also remarkably finished the race in top ten positions for their first participation in Macau Grand Prix. Zhou Guan-Yu gave an "overtaking show" on the narrow Guia Circuit. The Chinese driver started in the 28th grid slot and moved up his position several times before finishing the race in the 12th position.

Even though the team didn't make it onto the podium, BBIN is all the more impressed and proud of Theodore Racing's perseverance and team spirit. Another beautiful sight at the race was the 8 stunning BBIN race models cheering for the drivers on the side of the tracks. The models attracted a large crowd of media and spectators who wanted to take photos together.

With BBIN’s strong support, Theodore Racing/Prema has attained several 2018 champion team and driver titles in Europe and Asia. BBIN hopes that these young drivers will continue their momentum, creating even more impressive results in the auto racing scene in the future.