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BBIN Wins Award and Earns Great Recognition

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BBIN Wins Award and Earns Great Recognition

Just before the iconic international exhibition of ICE London 2019, BBIN has been bestowed with the winner of Australia/Asia Focused Technology Supplier at the International Gaming Awards, an awards organization with the most credible and historical nominating unit in the global gaming industry. For the third consecutive year, BBIN has been recognized by this world-renowned Awards. The year of 2019 also marks BBIN’s 20th Anniversary since its establishment. Winning this glorious award demonstrates BBIN's strong capabilities and long-term cultivation in Asia.

BBIN is the leading online gaming system supplier in Asia. Its technology and service have been nominated for numerous times and won multiple significant gaming awards in the industry. This year, BBIN is honored to have been bestowed with the IGA Awards. Such accomplishment is a proof and assurance of BBIN's global credibility to existing and potential collaborative partners around the world. In the future, BBIN will continue to develop a more diversified and professional brand, technology and services. Moreover, BBIN has recently built strategic collaborations with distinguished brands in popular sporting events and international charity events. Keeping moving forward with its leadership title in Asia's online gaming industry, BBIN supports all collaborative partners to achieve greater success and leap to new heights.