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Ready to Leap at ICE London 2019

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Ready to Leap at ICE London 2019

ICE London is the world’s most iconic gaming and entertainment exhibition. Every year, hundreds of exhibitors from around the world gather at this event to share the latest industry trends. 2019 marks the 20th anniversary of BBIN’s establishment and its third time participating in ICE. As the leading system supplier brand in Asia, BBIN is demonstrating the brand’s latest innovative technologies at this exhibition. BBIN’s unique display design also conveys the brand’s spirit and vision built through 20 years of development in Asia. BBIN’s theme for this year is “Next Leap”, which exhibits to the world the leading position BBIN has gained over 20 years of operations, as well as the exceptional momentum with which BBIN leaps to new heights.

With 20 years of experience in the Asian market and its two partnership programs, White Label Solution and Game API, BBIN provides its services throughout East Asia and Southeast Asia, including China, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and more. Integrating BBIN’s 2019 theme of “Next Leap”, symbolic elements including “brush calligraphy”, “oriental red” and “peonies” are used to create a strong sense of Eastern aesthetics at the ICE exhibition venue. Additionally, several short videos are incorporated to strengthen the atmosphere. These elements join together to concretely manifest BBIN’s readiness to take the “Next Leap”. BBIN’s brand video of the 20th anniversary is also played on a loop at the exhibition. In the video, the vigorous moves of the dancer symbolize BBIN’s vast experience gained from development in Asia, as well as the brand’s spirit of continuously pursing excellence and making breakthroughs. At the same time, the video demonstrates to the world BBIN’s diversified services and resource integration capacities. These strengths connect BBIN to the international market and provide the market with even more comprehensive entertainment choices.

In addition, BBIN’s advanced innovation capacities enables the company to maintain the leading position in the Asian market and bring influence to the industry. Through 20 years of operation and cultivation, BBIN keeps abreast of the current situation and preference of the overall Asian market and regional markets as well. The company also develops extensive experiences and insights of latest market directions and trends. In recent years, BBIN has placed focus on recruiting more software professionals, talents and dedicated to the research of the gamer’s user experience. In a rapidly changing market, BBIN combines precise market insights and robust innovation capabilities. 

BBIN looks forward to connecting the world through the annual ICE London gaming event. With solid strengths and experiences in Asia, BBIN continues to lead international partners into Asia and hopes to leap to new heights.