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BBIN and BVB Leap to the Top in 2019 Championships

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BBIN and BVB Leap to the Top in 2019 Championships

A whirlwind of yellow and black has been sweeping through the Bundesliga since August. Dortmund eagerly recruited many world-class players after their notable coach joined the team this season. The overall strength of the team's formation was immediately elevated and a new line-up was created. This successfully stirred up discussions and attracted worldwide attention. Since October, Dortmund has not had a taste of defeat with its winning streak. Their performance in the Bundesliga has surpassed that of the previous season's champion. The team is leaping right towards the highest throne. At the same time, Dortmund took the first position in the group stage of the UEFA Champions League and entered the round of 16. With such powerful force, the team is expected to win the top position of every game.

BBIN has sponsored famous global events for many years. This year, the company became Dortmund's official partner in the Greater China region. With BBIN's full support, BVB - the "bumblebee army" - will conquer all challenges and win the golden cup. These two powerful partners are working together to lead their allies onto the road to the summit. Live broadcasts of several friendly matches and training sessions from the football competitions this season will be provided, letting all football fans to take part in international events together with BBIN. This is how the leading iGaming software supplier in Asia will demonstrate its power. For the 2018/19 season, BBIN wishes Dortmund the best in winning glory once again and kicking up a mighty new "bumblebee" storm.